Buying and selling websites

Discovered a great site recently which provides free information on buying and selling websites, called WeWantWebsites:

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So many pretty in pink sites recently! My fave color is being used in some awesome brands recently:

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Online branding

A few random links from interesting websites for marketers/startups/branding experts:

I also stumbled across a blog on domain flipping which seemed interesting. I may do some further research and purchase the guide they sell.

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Little habits

I have lots of little habits, but these are a handful of my favorites:

  1. Get-in-the-door ritual. Whenever I get home, the first thing I do is put my stuff away. I have a designated spot for my keys, cash/cards (I don’t use a wallet), phone, and coins. Everything else either gets tossed or put wherever it belongs. If we brought something home like groceries or library books, those get put away, right away. This is an important little ritual because even people who have simplified their homes notice that possessions and junk can build up over time — and that starts with what you bring in. It’s no use simplifying and organizing if it just gets cluttered and disorganized every time you come home.
  2. Put clothes away. It’s so simple, but when I take clothes off, they either go in the hamper or I fold them & put them in my drawer or hang them in the closet. Others drape them over chairs or throw them on the floor or bed, and sorting through them later becomes a major chore. By doing it right away, things stay organized and I don’t have to worry about cleaning up later.
  3. Wash my bowl. When I finish eating, I wash my dishes by hand, mindfully. No mess to clean up later. Read more.
  4. Prepare meals in advance. This is important when I’m trying to stick to an eating plan. Cooking your own meals is the healthiest (and most frugal) choice, but if you have to cook three to six times a day, it’ll get too cumbersome and you’re likely to give up. So I prepare my food in bulk (for 3-6 days in advance), and eat the same meals all week. It’s no harder than cooking smaller meals. I only make food that I adore, so I don’t get bored. It’s super easy to stay on a meal plan this way.
  5. Just step out the door. My motto for exercise. Most people have a hard time with motivation to do workouts, but not me. First of all, I only do workouts I love, so I actually look forward to them. But second, I never think about how I don’t feel like doing a workout — because I tell myself that all I have to do is get on my shoes and get out the door. The rest flows naturally.
  6. Clear distractions. When I’m ready to do a task, I clear all distractions. Small action, huge difference.
  7. Take a walk & reflect. Taking a short walk is such a simple thing to do — you can do it during your lunch break, or take a break when you’ve been working for a couple hours straight. It only needs to be 10-20 minutes. But oh boy, what a world of difference. Not only does the walk relieve stress and clear your head, it gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve been doing, and reflection is one of the most important tools for changing your life.
  8. Breathe. When I get stressed, I simply breathe.
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So Kawaii

Some kawaii stuff:

Here are some of the most common cashback websites – along with what they offer for referring a friend.

  • Ebates – Probably the most popular cashback portal, Ebates offers $5-15 for you and $10 for your friend after making a $25+ purchase through the portal.
  • Be Frugal – Be Frugal has the highest bounty for referring a friend offering $15 for you and $10 for your friend after making a $25+ purchase through the portal.
  • TopCashback – Another great cashback portal, TopCashback offers $10 for you when a friend joins and earns $10 in cash back.
  • GivingAssistant – Personally, I really like Giving Assistant because they provide a meal to a US citizen ever time you make a purchase through one of their links! Plus, they offer $5 for you and $5 for your friend after making a $25+ purchase through the portal.
  • ExtraBux – A great site to get your friends to use on a regular basis, although a bit of an older looking site, ExtraBux offers $5 + 5% of friend’s earnings for life! Your friend also receives $5 after making a qualified purchase through the site.
  • Mr Rebates – Although not offering a direct sign-up bonus, Mr Rebates offers excellent cashback rates and gives you 20% of your friend’s earnings for life – in addition to providing a $5 sign up bonus for your friend.
  • Ibotta – Ibotta is an awesome coupon app that allows you to get cash back for your regular purchases in the store – such as $0.50 for buying bread or a $1.00 for trying a new brand of chips. Savings build up fast and you also earn $5 for every referral while giving your friend $10 when they join through your link. To receive both bonuses, it is essential that you install the app through a referral link (I would love it if you use mine here to start).
  • GetPiggy – A cashback app, you can earn $5-25 for referring a friend who installs the app and spends $25 on purchases. Your friend also receives $15 for joining.
  • – Split is an awesome app that allows you to split commissions between you and your friends everytime you recommend a product to them. I’ve written about Split here before, where you can earn $2 for referring a friend and $5 just for signing up.
  • Checkout51 – An app that allows you to make money by simply scanning your receipt after every shopping trip. A simple app that can easily add a few dollars into your - bank account – they offer a $0.50 referral bonus when a friend downloads the app.
  • ShopKick: Earn money by visiting stores, scanning barcodes, and making purchases. Refer a friend and you both earn 250 kicks worth $2.50 toward gift cards.
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First Post!

Hello world! This is my personal link dump where I post about all the cool things I find on the web.

It’s for my own purposes so I can come back and find the stuff I’m looking for, but maybe you’ll discover something useful too.

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